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About us:

We are a small growing business and will do the best we can for You paying you as much as  we can price will very on supply and demand and market ups and downs.
We will show up on time for pickups will always be kind and friendly. Please give us a chance to win your business

We are a family based business; who only serves California so that we can offer “YOU” the best customer service experience as possible.

Along with your help, we make it possible for others without insurance to be able to purchase Diabetic test strips who otherwise could not afford high retail prices.


We strive to build working relationships with our clients where trust and fairness keeps them and you coming back to us.


Weather you reside in Southern CA or Northern CA Barry and Harry are looking forward to working with you.


To receive $CASH$ on the spot you can either visit one of our drop-off centers; contact us through phone call, text message, email or social media to make an appointment to meet us in person at a neutral public location.

Why waste perfectly good test strips?

Don’t let those extras go to waste!

$CASH$ them in quickly and easily.

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